GLBB VOIP Phone Service

VOIP allows you to make phone calls over an existing internet connection. There are many companies that offer flat-rate calling to the United States for 2,900-6,000 yen/month depending on phone quality. These plans are often not the most cost effective. Depending on long distance calling patterns, VOIP service may be more cost effective than fixed-rate plans.


Can I call Japanese land-lines and cell phones?

Yes; simply dial the numbers as they are shown.

Can I call overseas?

Yes; first dial 010, then the country code (1 for USA), then the area code and phone number of the destination.

Can I call on-base?

Yes; on-base numbers can be dialed via the appropriate base operator or direct-dial number.

Can I FAX?

The service is primarily focused on voice transmission, but it can be used for FAX if the transmitting device is compatible.

Will I be charged for incoming calls?

No; call charge is only incurred for answered outbound calls.

Activation Fee¥2,000
Monthly Service Fee¥350
+ call charge

Call Rates

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