GLBB Mansion-Type Internet Service

GLBB マンションサービス

When consumers hear the word "Mansion Type" internet many associate this with gets "bogged down at night" OR speed is divided up by the residents. For high bandwidth mansions powered by Fiber Laser, and Quad Antenna Wireless technology using proprietary protocols such as WIMAX over 2.4Ghz, GLBB will guarantee the same level of performance as stand alone fiber optic lines.

GLBB Mansion type internet is a service provided to apartment and mansions that have been pre-wired by GLBB. With this service GLBB puts a rack inside the mansion building and runs LAN wiring directly into the rooms from a dedicated port on the switch. Generally all mansion are all 100mbps or 1Gbps. In areas where we cannot run fiber, they are connected via laser heads or wireless connections.

GLBB is one of the few companies in Japan that uses quad-antenna technology to provide 108Mbps (FULL duplex) long range wireless connectivity to several apartment buildings on Okinawa. In order to find out what kind of connection your building is equipped with please use the contact form or give us a phone call.


Service NameMonthly PricesInitial
GLBB Mansion Service¥4,500¥5,250
Jack additions¥0¥3,150 (Starting From)

In order to find out whether your apartment supports this service and the associated speeds, contact us via our form.